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  • Software Engineering for Self-Directed Learners TIC2002 edition - 2018

    Acknowledgements | All chapters as one printer-friendly page (huge file!)

    Software Engineering

    All about software engineering

    Programming Paradigms

    All about object oriented programming


    All about requirements

    All about gathering requirements

    All about specifying requirements


    All about software design

    All about software design principles

    All about modeling


    All about IDEs

    All about writing better quality code

    All about refactoring

    All about error handling

    All about reuse

    Quality Assurance

    All about quality assurance

    All about testing

    Project Management

    All about revision control

    All about project planning


    All about principles


    All about UML

    All about Intellij IDEA

    All about Git and Github

    All about Java

    All about JUnit


    A crash course for C++ programmers to transition to Java